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by the way, looks like Clojurians hit the free plan’s upload limit again: “Your file was uploaded — it’s safe and sound in Slack. Unfortunately your workspace doesn’t have any storage space left. To get more space, you can upgrade to a paid account or delete some of your older files.”


@gonewest818 thanks for the heads up, I’ll try to clear up space again soon


@martinklepsch does slack still expose a deletes API? On one of the first slacks I ran we had a script to download archive and delete all the files routinely. I remember Slack changed their API at some point, don't remember details.


Yeah, also have a script slack-prune.rb seems to work still. @seancorfield should we give people another heads up or should I just run it now?


I'd support going to a general mere days retention policy on files given that we rarely have more than 3d of logs visible. Slack is a transient chat tool not a knowledge base etc


@martinklepsch I'd vote for just running it from time to time -- everyone attempting to upload images knows we're "over limit" (although, confusingly, Slack still actually uploads and displays the images -- despite the message!).


got it + seems appropriate to me too


does the pruning script know about pinned items?


@gonewest818 Unlikely. But the script is pruning files, not messages, and most (nearly all?) pinned items will be messages I think...


If you know of any pinned files that you want to keep, go download them and perhaps post them up on ClojureVerse as a permanent home?


none for me, just curious.