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It's one thing if tech ppl in their 20s try new crypto ideas and risk only money they can lose. It's another thing when the people losing mention are retirement age ppl betting their pensions + taking out mortgages. Alot of these recent ICOs / exchanges / scams look like "do nothing new; do a great job at marketing; get people to buy on fear of missing out of 10x growth; exit with other ppl's money" [1]


A lot of this bitcoin stuff reminds me of my days playing EVE online: a game with a real breathing economy so realistic they have a PHD of economics who watches over the entire thing keeping it running well. And yeah, in a world of unregulated economies there's a ton of "illegal" stuff that happens everyday. If you won't get punished in real life for running a ponzi, why wouldn't you?


Always that counterbalance to full-on laissez-faire.


And even the most complex virtual economy like EVE is still bounded.


running boot cljs gives me the above; is there ayway to get info on wtf clojure.alpha.spec is complaining about? because I have n oidea


a filename would be really nikce


Hopping between Bryan Cantrill talks from The REPL's starting point last night, and came across this:


This is startlingly good, and reflects my thoughts on modern software unprincipled development quite well. The screed on Uber in particular is something more people should take note of to inform their own principles.


(Said screed starts at;t=36m42s through the end of the talk)


guys I'm just wondering, and it is probably and "it depends" type of question, but just curious, is datomic the best database to use with clojure? why or why not?


it's easy to think of counterexamples 🙂 for example, sqlite is much better if you need something small that requires no setup

Ryan Radomski20:02:07

Keep in mind. Datomic is not the most memory efficient nor the fastest.


also, you can use Datomic as a graph database but it's not a graph database


@radomski what db would you reach for that is faster and/or more memory efficient?


what about things like postgre or amazon's dynamodb? Can you use any db with clojure? Is there a lot of extra work required to change things to/from clojure data structures?

Ryan Radomski20:02:14

No free lunch in the efficiency department unfortunately. If you can't find a library, JDBC is always an option, although I've never used it before. MongoDB and Datomic are the most well supported from my understanding


have never really had an issue using


@derpocious Take a look at for examples of using Clojure with any JDBC database. Happy to answer questions since I'm the maintainer of that Contrib library.


We use at work with high-traffic and high-volume MySQL databases supporting 100 online dating sites.


We also use MongoDB (and CongoMongo, which I also maintain, but these days I'd recommend Monger instead). We're moving away from MongoDB at work (migrating that data to MySQL).


thanks guys!


@seancorfield interesting that your company is moving to mysql for production use. A lot of people think of mysql with a somewhat negative connotation that it can't scale and be fast, probably bc of how they remember is when they first used it 15-20 years ago 🙂


@derpocious Not sure why people would think that. It is good enough for most usecases.


I thought the reason to use mysql was in order to trade fewer features / less sane behavior in exchange for a bit more speed than you get from postgres


We've used MySQL heavily for years.


@derpocious If you go down the JDBC path -- with any RDBMS behind it -- feel free to jump into #sql with any questions / problems you hit. I'm always happy to support BTW, we use HoneySQL with that for composable queries (we have some very complex, very dynamic reporting requirements that is a great fit for).


awesome, thanks


pretty cool to write the sql statement as a map as opposed to just one huge string


Or as a composition of functional fragments (which HoneySQL's DSL allows).


@seancorfield are you use any other than hugsql abstraction layer with


@mateusz.probachta You mean HoneySQL? We don't use HugSQL.


aaaaa, ok. im bit tired:D


devcards are the bomb


just syaing