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Having to deal with JS churn and breaking updates in react ecosystem is quite painful so i thought about different approach. I want to use javscript components i find in the wild (not npm packages) and i want to create local files and use those files/components in cljs project. There must be a way for me to do this but i can't seem to crack it. Specifically i am trying to use react native component from and include it my app.cljs. (i am using shadow-cljs, more info;cid=C0E1SN0NM How does one do this?


if this is react native you need metro to process these files. as such you can just require them via js/require. the location is relative to whereever you are writing your CLJS output


oh nvm. answering in other thread

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I have a few years break from last time when I was comparing figwheel vs shadow cljs. How does it look today? Other solutions?


Shadow-cljs remains to be awesome, 0 complaints.

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As I remember a few years ago in figwheel this was the best solution to include part of the material-ui library instead of whole library. How does it look today in shadow-cljs / figweheel?


Do you have analogical example?


You just require what you need:

  ["@material-ui/core/Button" :default Button]
  ["@material-ui/core/Card" :default Card]
  ["@material-ui/core/CardActions" :default CardActions])


Note that :default is non-standard but I noticed that "...$default" doesn't work in some cases - not sure whether it's been fixed or not and where such a fix is needed at all.


But again, no clue whether it's something in shadow-cljs or CLJS itself.


The thorough documentation at and the insane 🤯 amount of support provided by @U05224H0W in #C6N245JGG is reason enough to choose Shadow.


Oh, great, thanks!


What about EQL and other solutions? I think a few years ago the com.wsscode/pathom was a way to go. How does it look today? Which solutions are worth to consider for BE <-> FE ? Something more automated by default, than coding custom REST.

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