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@smith.adriane FYI, someone was asking about the state of "this project" (grease) on Reddit:;utm_medium=web2x&amp;context=3

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does graalvm generally create a relatively large binary, compared to apps made other ways?


or is that something to do with grease? or is the question off base?


the binary for the demo project was intentionally bloated to include as many libraries as possible that might be useful for trying at the repl.

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there's also been zero effort to try to optimize binary size.


FWIW, babashka packs several libs and is around 75mb for macOS (and I've done my best to reduce binary size by getting rid of dynamic requires, etc)


Don't know what the iOS limit is


Since I haven't tried to optimize binary size, it's hard to know how it compares with other options.


I just looked another build that includes fewer clj libs and it was around 111mb and half of that is just skia (a non clojure graphics library).


I have an old build that's only 85mb on my phone.


nice! yeah - I truly don't have context so just asking for my own knowledge - assuming skia is what you are using for ios rendering?


in any case, I bet youre right that with optimization based on what the given app actually needs, could be smaller… and I'm not surprised there is interest in the status of this project, I think its a really apt idea


yes, skia is what I was using for rendering. I think the build that I had was a debug build though. It would also be possible to use something besides skia.


yep! I don't plan on making new bindings anytime soon 🙂 I hope to use membrane and/or humbleui soon for my app - goal would be desktop and mobile - still wrapping my brain around how to represent frontends in clojure - i work in infrastructure so these code patterns are a lot more complex that what I'm usually looking at

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At some point, it would be interesting to have a membrane backend based on Apple's CoreGraphics library.