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has anyone used crdt data types in cljs?


i’m considering using in a project but not sure how much of a pain it would be mixing these data structures


Have not used it myself, but this is related and may be useful:


Hi everybody! Maybe this has been already asked but, has anybody managed to use vim-fireplace with clojurescript? I’ve been trying with shadow-cljs and figwheel but got no luck 😞


I feel your pain. Not with that specifically but I feel like most people after trial and error find some setup that works and then just stick with that for about 5ish years at least haha. I know I should probably switch to shadow-cljs but I only figured out how to use figwheel-main with emacs after several months of trial/effort lol

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Ian M15:02:14

With shadow, if you are running the dev server you can :Connect to the port it starts the nrepl server on, and then :Piggieback {your shadow app name} to it after that. Not ideal but does work


I tried that, I have ran shadow-cljs watch app and in vim I run the :Connect 3333: (nrepl port is configured to be the 3333), after that I do the`Piggieback :app` and I get “No application has connected to the REPL server. Make sure your JS environment has loaded your compiled ClojureScript code.”


My shadow-cljs.edn file looks like this:

{:source-paths ["src"]
 :dependencies [[cider/cider-nrepl "0.21.1"]]
 :nrepl {:port 3333}
 :dev-http {8080 "resources/public/"}
 :builds {:app {:target :browser
                :output-dir "target/browser"
                :modules {:main {:init-fn example.core/main!}}
                :devtools {:after-load example.core/reload!}}}}

Ian M15:02:40

are you loading the app in your browser?


It was a lein figwheel initialized project which I was trying on. I created an example app using npx create-cljs-project and got it easily working as you stated. Thanks a lot @UMP2T9H7Y

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Does anyone have a recommendation to an automated testing alternative to lein doo (using deps.edn and/or shadow-cljs)?


(preferably deps.edn cause I haven't learned shadow-cljs yet :face_with_rolling_eyes: )


what kind of app are you testing?


but not the components, just regular clojurescript functions


I've been running tests from repl/browser and that's fine but want to get a ci/cd thing going. Travis or the like


will use lein doo if necessary but I've been enjoying the minimalism of deps.edn


kinda in the same boat myself, been looking at lein doo for integration testing of a re-frame app as well


though I like cljs-test-display and might just use that along with re-frame-test for the clojurescript stuff


mostly just testing event handlers and want to quickly inspect the feedback


ok great I'll check that out


yeah I hear ya


also check out figwheel-main's testing features


i haven't started using figwheel main in my apps yet due to some problems with legacy setup, but it has provisions for integrations CLJS tests to CI


out of curiosity is it an issue converting project.clj to deps.edn?


It depends on how much you're relying on lein features


true, lein has a lot of good features that it's hard to get away from. I still use it for library projects because it's great for shipping