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@dpsutton I have the cider-jack-in-cljs repro steps that cause selecting clojure-cli (when using shadow-cljs + deps.edn) to fail. The repository is at ; you'll need npm to do execute a couple npm install. I've included the repro info at The root of the error is why shadow.cljs.devtools.server.runtime/get-instance! is failing though I can't say why.


(This is a followup from #shadow-cljs the other day: )


I do want to note that running M-x cider-jack-in-cljs -> shadow-cljs works just fine so it's not like this is stopping development. Happy to provide more info if useful. I got the same errors when testing on both CIDER 0.21 and 0.24. I can't guarantee this isn't PEBCAK on my part; it probably is if there's an existing repo that works with this flow


@quest Might be a better idea to file some ticket, so this won’t slip between the cracks here.

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Does anybody use clj-refactor? I’m trying to find usages in cljs code, call the command, then the message is shown

To perform this op the project needs to be evaluated.
  Analyzing a large project might take a while: hit C-g to abort.
  (Set cljr-warn-on-eval to nil to analyze the project without warning)
  Do you want to proceed? (y or n) y
I press y and nothing happens No messages in Messages buffer, nothing


no support for cljs in terms of that feature unfortunately