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Thanks, that's useful to know.


I also noticed that , s s is gone? used to use this all the time to switch to the REPL


It's now , s a!


Does that one have a mnemonic?


It usually goes , s s -> undefined -> "(a)w, crap".


Its the same keybinding convention as toggling between source and test, i.e. SPC p a and other toggles I found in Spacemacs. The first s in , s s nemonic is send-to, I never found out what the second s stood for.


Hmmm so maybe "alternate"


also pretty bummed that , ' / , " / , & are gone...


@jr0cket what are the mnemonics for , s j j and , s j m? does j and m stand for anything?


We couldnt agree on what to use, so we used the same as CIDER itself. I beleive j is java and m is multiple (multiple repls) and s is javascript.

Mario C.17:02:47

Is there a way to find a list of commands and look at the mnemonics used?


These are the conventions that should be applied across all layers for keybindings and other aspects. I had my first PR rejected because it didnt fit the conventions. All the keybindings are in the code, so easily searchable.


Does anybody use clj-refactor?


I’m trying to find usages in cljs code


Call the command


Then the message is shown


To perform this op the project needs to be evaluated.
  Analyzing a large project might take a while: hit C-g to abort.
  (Set cljr-warn-on-eval to nil to analyze the project without warning)
  Do you want to proceed? (y or n) y


I press y and nothing happens


No messages shown, nothing


@achikin Assuming you are refactoring a name in a project, I use helm-swoop, SPC s s or SPC s p to search, and helm-ag-edit, C-c C-e and iedit for refactoring, rather than using clj-refactor. There is work to migrate functionality from clj-refactor to clojure-mode but it needs help. I don't know if there are any plans to fix bugs with clj-refactor itself. I stopped using clj-refactor a while ago as it caused issues irregularly.


@jr0cket benedek  [2:05 PM] no support for cljs in terms of that feature unfortunately


Yes, I believe cljs support is poor/non-existing in terms of clj-refactor. I think cljs support is another goal for the cljs-refactor migration (as well as keeping up to date with changes in CIDER itself)


New PR: This is adding a function that will jump to the end of the current line and evaluate the last s-expression. Its a function that has been present in Emacs Lisp mode for a long time, so I've also added it to Clojure. It also should negate the need to add any code to change Evil behavior by jumping past the last character on the line. , e $ or , e l will call spacemacs/cider-eval-sexp-end-of-line and show the results inline in the source code editor (just like , e e or , e f ) Any comments welcome here or on the PR. Thank you.

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The Pull Request to add , e $ and , e l that calls cider-eval-sexp-end-of-line is now in develop. Enjoy.

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Mario C.17:02:20

Is there a way to "marry" two buffers and a way to switch between married buffers? Id like to be able to use one layout, marry buffers, and cycle through them.


IIUC, that's what workspaces are for (kinda like sub-layouts). SPC l w ? will show you the available keybindings. To quickly move between them, there's g t and g T

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Mario C.17:02:25

Last question, since I am already on that topic, is there a way to do this; Say you have a window-setup and you focus on a buffer, I would like to focus on it, as in make it the only buffer in the frame but then once I am done with the focus, id like to go back to the previous window set-up. Hope that makes sense


SPC w m (toggle-maximize-buffer) does precisely that -maximises/restores


@mario.cordova.862 not entirely sure I understand your questions, have you looked at layouts? SPC l menu allows you to create layouts, which will group most commands to just working with the buffers in that layout.

Mario C.19:02:21

Yes, I use layouts. I was wondering if there was a way I can group buffers within a layout and cycle through those groups


I don't know if its what you want, but you could have a workspace for each buffer in your layout. Or keep it simple and use SPC b n and SPC b p


IIUC, that's what workspaces are for (kinda like sub-layouts). SPC l w ? will show you the available keybindings. To quickly move between them, there's g t and g T

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