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i want to build a website with lookandfeels like this:


any convenient library to recommend?


it seems i shall go with bootstrap and buy some nice looking themes on their websites


what that makes that website looks nice is a lot of graphic design work, i doubt the framework chosen matters, but bootstrap is nice

Michael Mackenzie17:06:29

has anyone ever successfully built un uberjar for a clojure/clojurescript app that had pure javascript dependencies through yarn or npm (i.e. not cljsjs)?

Michael Mackenzie17:06:00

it works when i use lein run after compiling the cljs, but the uberjar is missing all of the JS dependencies at runtime


as part of building the uberjar, you need to compile the CLJS and put the resulting built artifact in the uberjar

Michael Mackenzie17:06:46

i still haven't figured it out. i've since given up on hosting it on Heroku for this reason, and now i'm trying to do it via docker


this is no different if you are using npm dependencies or not

Michael Mackenzie17:06:07

@lilactown can i send you my project.clj to see if theres anything obviously missing?

Michael Mackenzie17:06:01

i can't find any documentation anywhere that explains it 😞 i've been stuck for a week now unable to deploy anywhere 😕


it depends on how you are building the CLJS. are you using lein-cljsbuild?

Michael Mackenzie17:06:51

no, i'm currently using shadow-cljs

Michael Mackenzie17:06:36

i tried initially with lein-cljsbuild but it failed for some other reason


OK, cool. so it will be a two-step process: 1. Build CLJS app using shadow-cljs and put it somewhere that’s on the uberjar classpath (e.g. resources/public) 2. Build uberjar

Michael Mackenzie17:06:33

ok - that sounds new

Michael Mackenzie17:06:36

i'l try that right now

Michael Mackenzie17:06:15

currently it outputs to target/cljsbuild/public/js


is that on the classpath?


that example I gave probably will not work for you, it was just an example

Michael Mackenzie17:06:01

i feel like it is on the classpath... it doesn't complain about the compiled file app.js missing


how are you serving the app.js?

Michael Mackenzie17:06:21

in fact the error at runtime comes out of app.js, where it adds the script tags for the NPM deps

Michael Mackenzie17:06:36

i'm using the luminus stack


script tags for npm deps??

Michael Mackenzie17:06:56

CLJS does that at runtime

Michael Mackenzie17:06:08

it's in the compiled javascript code

Michael Mackenzie17:06:22

it's how it loads dependencies into the DOM


OK, let me amend my instructions


1. you need to do a release build using shadow-cljs 2. build the uberjar


a release build will not add script tags, it will bundle it all into one file app.js


this way you don’t need to have all of the npm deps installed inside of your uberjar

Michael Mackenzie17:06:32

{:uberjar {:omit-source true
             :prep-tasks ["compile" ["shadow" "release" "app"]]
             :aot :all
             :uberjar-name "getfluentspanish.jar"
             :source-paths ["env/prod/clj" "env/prod/cljs"]
             :resource-paths ["env/prod/resources"]}


the app.js will contain all the files

Michael Mackenzie17:06:42

this is the profile... looks like it's already tryingh to do that


yes it looks like


I don’t know much about luminus, you might try #luminus


it sounds like it’s doing a lot of stuff automatically for you, which is nice, but if the release artifact isn’t in the uberjar, I’m not sure

Michael Mackenzie17:06:44

one thing is that it is bundling app.js separately from the deps in the output folder


if you do shadow-cljs release app and look in the env/prod/resources folder, do you see the app.js?

Michael Mackenzie17:06:03

i have app.js and then a cljs-build/ directory full of hundreds of javascript files


yes that’s fine

Michael Mackenzie17:06:15

there is nothing in env/prod/resources except config.edn and logback.xml

Michael Mackenzie17:06:23

i don't think in my project that is supposed to be a build output dir

Michael Mackenzie17:06:37

woah ok now the app.js is bigger - 1MB compared to 128k before

Michael Mackenzie17:06:47

after lein shadow release app

Michael Mackenzie17:06:51

maybe we've got something now...


go ahead and link me your project.clj


did you change the output dir?


in the :shadow config

Michael Mackenzie17:06:40

no, i believe it was what luminus gave me by default with the +shadow-cljs addon

Michael Mackenzie17:06:58

i.. i think it's working right now from the docker image i built

Michael Mackenzie17:06:05

i have absolutely no idea how

Michael Mackenzie17:06:22

i'm not sure what happened or if this is going to spontaneously revert to messing up again, but it seems like i can actually build uberjars with NPM deps now...

Michael Mackenzie17:06:08

just for the hell of it, i'll try a heroku deploy too, but i imagine that still won't work

Michael Mackenzie17:06:40

yep, still fails on heroku

Michael Mackenzie17:06:57

but maybe via the docker image i can deploy to some PaaS now

Michael Mackenzie17:06:33

@lilactown thanks a lot for your help again. I don't know what happened, but at least I understand the CLJS build process a bit better now


The docker build is probably picking up your local build artifacts


So something on Heroku is not running the shadow release command

Michael Mackenzie17:06:15

the docker build runs the uberjar


Yes, and that uverjar has files that come from your local system


Iirc Heroku builds it for you from your git repo

Michael Mackenzie17:06:57

remote:        Preparing npm packages
remote:        Installing npm packages
remote:        npm packages successfully installed
remote:        Running shadow-cljs...
remote:        [:app] Compiling ...
remote:        The required JS dependency "object-assign" is not available, it was required by "node_modules/react/cjs/react.production.min.js".
remote:        Searched in:/tmp/build_b5551ab5f6bbfd1f0bbb0a1210e21209/node_modules
remote:        You probably need to run:
remote:          npm install object-assign
remote:        See: 
remote:  !     Failed to build.
remote:  !     Push rejected, failed to compile Clojure (Leiningen 2) app.
remote:  !     Push failed
remote: Verifying deploy...
remote: !	Push rejected to getfluentspanish.

Michael Mackenzie17:06:07

that's what Heroku gives me

Michael Mackenzie17:06:43

yes, sorry I wasn't disagreeing about that, I just mean that i'm not sure what the difference is between how Heroku is building the uberjar and how I am locally

Michael Mackenzie17:06:04

it worked via docker on Heroku 🎉


have you tried installing the object-assign dependency?

Michael Mackenzie17:06:15

it just goes down a rabbithole

Michael Mackenzie17:06:21

it is then missing another dependency


it might be some issue with lein npm and Heroku

Michael Mackenzie17:06:37

every implicit dependency of the listed NPM deps


I would ask in #luminus if anyone has experience with Heroku + shadow-cljs


or open an issue on the luminus repo


but if Docker works for now, cool


you just have to build your docker image locally it sounds like

Michael Mackenzie17:06:07

unfortunately, although it sort of works now, i get mysterious runtime javascript errors

Michael Mackenzie17:06:17

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'b' of null
    at app.js:1470
    at dE (app.js:1470)
    at eE (app.js:1470)
    at app.js:1474
    at Object.drop (app.js:428)
    at app.js:296
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at a.<anonymous> (app.js:296)
    at Object.drop (app.js:336)
    at handleTopDrop (app.js:487)

Michael Mackenzie17:06:23

when i try to use a drag and drop activity i wrote

Michael Mackenzie17:06:32

probably something with the minification...

Michael Mackenzie17:06:47

nothing ever just "works" haha 😞


probably some code you wrote that doesn’t work with advanced optimizations

Michael Mackenzie17:06:59

i'll play around with it


you should be able to debug locally with the release build


you can add —debug to the shadow-cljs release command so it will have easier to read names

Michael Mackenzie17:06:36

ok i'll take a look