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Morning all!


Well I’ve got to at least hand it to @otfrom for trying to lighten the mood. Though there’s a good chance Laa Laa did in fact work for the Russians on secondment to Cambridge Analytica to influence Kenyan elections while kidnapping families that would then be featured on a Netflix show. Sad times we live in……

Ben Hammond08:06:31

I thought it was a serious comment on Conservative party leadership


Laa Laa or BoJo? Oh where to put my money on who’d do a better job LOL

Ben Hammond08:06:30

again again? again!


(defn -main
  [& args]
  (go-loop []
      (<! (timeout (gen-time)))
  (Thread/sleep (* 1000 (* 60 60 24))))
Going to leave this here…. for no reason whatsoever apart from to get rid of Laa Laa. 🙂

Ben Hammond08:06:54

po is no doubt an snide reference to the elitist Scnences Po


@ben.hammond No! I’m not going down that rabbit hole now! 🙂

Ben Hammond08:06:49

doesn't that loop usually has an (async/alt! in it?


@ben.hammond Don’t know, I don’t use async that much and this one works for me. I’m not hung up on the details right now.


Iggle Piggle for president.... that is what I say!


I think Moon Baby should be president


He's cute 🙂


and he has a magical kalimba

Ben Hammond09:06:14

TBH Captain Pugwash is starting to look good

Ben Hammond09:06:58

I don't suppose we can tempt Noggin the Nog to stand?

Ben Hammond09:06:04

he's supposed to be good


don’t blame me, i voted for kodos


Hello everyone, I am looking for a venue in London to host our talk night on the 2nd July. We have 19 sign-ups for the event. If I don't find a venue, we could also just stream it over the internet with a Google hangout or zoom


Unfortunately SkillsMatter says we didn't book any events, even though we have July and August events published on their website.

Wes Hall11:06:48

Probably not a popular thing to say here (not something that has ever bothered me much ;)), but I am in the process of trying to learn some typescript right now, and my main conclusion is that types are insanely hard. Top respect to all you Haskell nuts, you know who you are!

Wes Hall11:06:56

I'm definitely going back to Clojure soon. This hell has reminded me why it's best not to bother.


but all those errors which you can't reasonably catch any other way... and monads are quite friendly once you grok the lingo

Wes Hall12:06:52

It's not so much monads (though I don't think I have ever fully understood them). It just takes rather a lot of effort to get fairly basic things to comprehensively typecheck in typescript. I have been studying the "typesafe-actions" package, which is an OS library for using redux actions in typescript. It's very interesting and I have even been emailing the author, but when you consider that all of that code is to create some fairly basic objects, it's fairly clear how deep the rabbit hole can go I think 🙂


it's certainly clear that it's possible to create typed languages where the overhead, both conceptual and typing, is overwhelming... but every time i hit an unhandled-case, wrong-shape or bad ref error i cry a little

Wes Hall12:06:49

Sure. Having come from Java land I definitely had times where I had missed the fairly meagre type system available in Java at that time. I think it's one of those things like unit tests (as per much earlier discussion), costs vs benefits etc. Though I would say that I don't know that any type system syntax has really reached optimal, minimum cost yet.


I have asked SkillsMatter to extend the ClojureX call for papers until July 15th, as we have only had a few submissions... If you want to speak at ClojureX (and get a free ticket / refund) please submit a talk in the next few weeks.


Tom is my go to person for everything, he is awesome


@jr0cket - I will try to get my proposal done this week - sorry, it's just been an INSANE 6-8 weeks...


We only really close the CfP when we have a full schedule. I'm arranging a meeting with SkillsMatter for 23rd July (or some day that week) to review and see who we want to invite this year.


So as long as you have a title by 21st July, its good


Thanks John 🙂 FWIW, I am available 29th, 30th, 31st July to meet, but not the week before as I will be in Scotland.


Good to know, will see if we can get the 29th then (clojure dojo is on the 30th)


If anyone wants to be involved in selecting talks for ClojureX, the please let me know. All that is required is to share your thoughts on submitted talks and suggest people or topics you want to see. Ideally you are available some time at the end of July (probably the week of the 29th) for a about an hour or so. Send me a direct message on this slack community. Thanks.


the toughest part of being home alone with a baby is that you can’t easily duck down to Tesco in order to refill the snacks cupboard with Cadbury’s or Jamaican Ginger Beer. The second toughest is that he keeps smashing my keyboard messing up all the parens and indentation.

creeper 4

M-x paredit-baby-bouncer-leads-to-treats-mode

😆 8
Edward Hughes19:06:43

Wouldn't happen to be any Glaswegian Clojurians in here, would there?

Ben Hammond07:06:52

Ah I see you are already a member

Ben Hammond07:06:01

I usually go to that meetup

Ben Hammond07:06:06

but am based in Perth

Edward Hughes10:06:16

Hi there! Yep, scoped out the town for groups but I just got here a couple weeks ago so I thought I'd introduce myself and see if anyone was local.


Cool Edward see you along on Thu 11 July


There are a few folks on here from that area


Hi @edward.hughes1911 - I live in Inversnaid, Glasgow is (just) my nearest airport and is nearer to me than Edinburgh. I have friends who live in the west end and we (my wife and I) are sometimes in G'gow for gigs and whatnot, so by Scottish terms, I am local 🙂


Oh, I do go down to London quite a bit...