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@plins you can add spec meta-data :swagger/example or it’s parent :json-schema/example for the spec to set those manually. Using generators would be awesome here, also for creating api stubs without actual handlers, I recall there is a help wanted issue on reitit from this 🙂

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So the specs should be defined via spec tools instead of the vanilla lib?


@abdullahibra I think we haven’t used localstore with Match, and you are right, there can be non serializable data, but that’s a common case for the app-db anyway, right? You could persist only the parts that identify the route, which is either: 1) dissoc the Match and store just a full uri, with query-string, apply routing when deserializing with the full uri retain the full Match in memory 2) just keep the route name or uri + coerced query / path parameters.


if your goal is to store the state between different browsing session, storing just the full uri could make more sense => if you use controllers, they need to be re-fired when the state is restored from localstore => automatic when just recalculating the page from the uri.


at least we have a ton of computed data in the app-db after everything is loaded, doesn’t fit in the localstore, so we could just persist the base data, from which everything else can be calculated / fetched.


hope this helps.