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Hi! I've been surfing through PRs and issues and it seems like there is some kind of ready-made :dispatch-throttle effect. Where can I find it? Did it make into the core or there is a separate library for that?


@kp2222 @danielcompton what's the status of :dispatch-throttle, where can I find it?


Don’t remember, but I think there might have been a link to a third party one in a comment on a PR or issue


I couldn't find it anywhere, so I copy pasted if from the PR....


Hm, I have a question. I added printlns to my subscription functions too see how they are called and with what arguments. But when I re-evaluate the code with CIDER, dispatching an event still works, i.e. I see the change in the browser, but I no longer see my prints. Does anybody know what's going on? Here is my code and an interaction in the REPL (it was pretty long so I didn't wanna paste it in Slack):


Hm, the prints show up in the browser console, but not in Emacs. But I would like them in Emacs to see what's going on 😛


Are there any patterns for collecting a paginated list of results using multiple :http-xhrio requests and then doing some final processing once they all complete successfully?