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Hello, I'm trying to use some namespaces implemented in JavaScript in a ClojureScript codebase. Currently it works just fine if the JS uses goog.provide("...") - curious if CLJS supports the newer goog.module("...") mechanism described here? According to this, goog,provide is deprecated

Jacob Haag14:06:13

Does anyone know of a good way to debug clojurescript code in VS Code?


By "debug" do you mean with an interactive debugger (stepper, etc)?


If so, you're probably out of luck.


Clojure programmers tend to rely much more heavily on println-style debugging.

Jacob Haag17:06:31

Good to know, I wasn't sure because VS Code enables JS debugging and devtools enables cljs debugging. I didn't know if the two tools came together or if it's even possible


Ah, yeah. I'm not sure if that's possible, but I'd be surprised.


@jacobhaag17 I assume you've heard of #calva-dev?

Jacob Haag18:06:44

@U050PJ2EU I have, didn't want to be that specific to an extension, but it seems worth it to throw the same question out there

Alan Thompson17:06:57

I always prefer either println or log statements, which work anywhere. Especially handy when prefixed with a keyword tag, so you can filter the output with grep of the browser console filter box.

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@brandon268 we don't support it yet - but far as I can tell there's no hurry either


10 years of goog.provide isn't going to magically go away


if VS Code JS support is generic and not specific to TypeScript


if it does just work that would be an awesome blog post