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Morning, working from home till around 3, than leaving for Disney Land, going there with the whole company to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.

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rewriting a ~50 slides deck to match the client house style

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Nice @gklijs! Which company is that?


Open web, but dispite clojure being the most starred open repo there is little clojure there.


Is my setup broken or is your website?


I have a 503 on both my phone and laptop. Probably they are busy updating...

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I’m getting to the point that I want to switch jobs for the opportunity to do FP professionally.


But probably I have too many requirements for my ideal next job 🙂


It's mostly a consulting firm, but there are some plans for own products and also to here a whole team and/or do projects. Would be nice to have more people doing Clojure, as I'm now the only one. But in all honesty it's much more likely it would be Java (assuming you have a Java background).


I really don't know what my ideal job would be at the moment.


I have a very broad background in terms of languages 🙂 But I’m sure you have some criteria for the ideal job, right? Maybe around people, domain, technology, proximity…?


Well, both close by and full remote sounds nice, don't really know which I would prefer. And Clojure is a nice language, for sure, but I'm pretty confident you could actually make a big mess of it. I know I need a bit of diversity, which is what I like about consulting. I'm considering something like at least for in a couple of years


@borkdude I ran the latest version already... very fast 👍