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Is it me, or does this channel have very little history?


Oh, oups, wrong channel


That's why


In case you need history you can check out Zulip which has a live searchable archive of most channels here... @didibus


I'm not sure where I should ask this: I would like to use the wee-slack app to access the clojurians slack via weechat. It looks like the app needs to be approved by an admin before I can use it. Any idea how I can get it approved? This is the slack url for the app: and this is the github repo for it:


@jhacks Sorry, we're on a limited free plan and we're not approving any more apps/extensions at this point.


I will discuss it with the admin team tho'... We've had several people ask about weechat. The trouble with chat integrations is that they tend to cause a poor experience for Slack users regarding messages from the connected service because of formatting/username differences etc.


@seancorfield Thanks! Your reply is much appreciated, I wasn't sure where to ask about this. I'm sorry to hear it may not be added, but thanks for making the reasons clear. If there's anything I can do to help make it a possibility, please let me know.