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A few public service announcements: kaocha-cljs is currently not compatible with tools.reader 1.3.1 (because ClojureScript's prepl is not compatible)


Not sure how likely people are to run into this, but just a heads up. If you are depending on a newer tools.reader (or a downstream dependency is), and you can't downgrade to 1.3.0, then you'll have to run a forked ClojureScript version for now.


Second PSA: I created a Kaocha category on ClojureVerse. For general questions and support ("hey how do I do this thing?") this is the official place to go. I will be notified of any posts there and will do my best to help. This channel sticks around of course, but I can't guarantee that I will see the things people post here before they drop off Slack's history.


From the README: > ## Need help? > > Are you > > - reporting a bug? -> [File an issue]( > - looking for support? -> [Post to the forum]( > - looking to contribute? -> Create a pull request or start by discussing your plans [on the forum]( > > There is also a [#kaocha]( channel on Clojurians Slack (sign up [here](, where users can help each other.