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What does this part in the doc of read mean?

:eof - on eof, return value unless :eofthrow, then throw.
           if not specified, will throw
user=> (with-in-str "" (read {:eof ::eof :eofthrow true} *in*))


oh got it. facepalm

user=> (with-in-str "" (read {:eof :eofthrow} *in*))
Execution error at user/eval159 (REPL:1).
EOF while reading


queues locally - how do? Want to use SQS in prod but something less internet requiring locally.


We've used a bit at work to mock AWS stuff.


It has worked pretty well for us. All you have to do is change your endpoint URLs, other than that the APIs are the same.


Depends exactly what functionality you want locally

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If you just literally want a queue in tests, java util concurrent has good blocking queues


If you want something like a message bus, apache Artemis can be run standalone or embedded in your app jvm (


Are there any examples of using the JMS api for that stuff?

Ben Sless04:11:05

Wrap the operations you need in a protocol, use an instance of of a java queue in dev time like hiredman said


I was (and am) hoping “JMS” or something else standard would be that protocol

Ben Sless06:11:20

I was thinking of even something slightly more generalized and purely behavioral. Once upon a time I toyed around with implementing a generic interface over queues (and implementing it for Kafka, Artemis, core.async, etc) but felt like I was trying to round the circle a bit, so I stopped


oh nvm JMS is a Java EE thing


welp, custom protocol it is. That or localstack/similar