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Sam Ritchie15:11:28

I’ve just released v0.20.0 of the #sicmutils computer algebra system! This release adds a bunch of improvements around support for differential geometry + general relativity problems. Every piece of code from Sussman and Wisdom’s book now runs Highlights: • are now computed (in the tests!) in 90 seconds. Not bad for the equations governing the evolution of our universe. • The define-coordinates macro allows you to install a full set of bindings for a manifold’s coordinate functions + vector and form field operators into a namespace • The complex number reader literal now handles vector inputs like #sicm/complex [1 2], and the print representation uses this format vs the old #sicm/complex "1+2i" (still supported!) Sponsor link, if you want to support this work ❤️: Clojars: detailed release notes: cljdoc: Cheers!

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