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Hello! Could someone point me to the documentation that explains how to run figwheel with an nrepl server, so I can use calva jack-in? I've looked at the tutorial, searched the documentation but I just can't find it.


I use the figwheel-main template to create a project and it's already setup to run nrepl. I jack-in using Emacs. I assume the same works for calva


If your project is setup with the older figwheel, then in the project.clj, add :nrepl-port 7888 In the :figwheel section Here is an example (remove the comment to get figwheel to run nrepl - it can be any port that is free)


Hey! Thanks for the tip. I'll try out that template.


I'm using figwheel-main


Or if there is not documentation, is there an article or a video?