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Hi fellow Clojurians! We need a fellow Clojurian that wants to use Clojure instead of other languages. We’re an NL FinTech company that uses Clojure as the secret weapon, integrated with AWS serverless (lambda/dynamoDb/SQS/API GW/…) and Cloudflare workers. An official posting will soon follow, but before that, I’d like to talk about the company: • The product can be officially (not even exaggerating) be described as money as purely functional code as data (using standard Berlin Group PSD2 Bank API Framework) • Fully remote (no country requirement) – we already have members from the Netherlands, Brazil, Georgia, in different timezones • Minimal meetings • We’re porting the part of our initial code that’s still in (already Functional Core/Imperative Shell, state machine-based, effectful) typescript code to Clojure • Our onboarding includes required reading/watching that you’ve probably already read and memorized by heart • When I was hired, I was amazed at the level of competency and humanism of my colleagues. You don’t know me but this means a lot coming from me. You’ll be working with great people • Code succinctness, resource-consciousness, automation, 100% test coverage, using reliable concepts are very important to us • We’re the programmers that always wanted / did work in Lisp and Clojure, and now are doing it We can’t wait to find you 🧠

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