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I've heard people calling for it to be abandoned, and people calling for it to be 2 hours, rather than 1


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I think there are studies that show the shift in times causes adverse affects to physical and mental health


Clock shifts were found to increase the risk of heart attack by 10 percent,[92] and to disrupt sleep and reduce its efficiency.


I think most people don't understand the benefit of it (it's just an annoyance for most of us!), whereas others are very grateful for it. A quick google search turned up

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It seems like those in favour of DST are generally farmers (I think?), and those in (north?) Scotland


why do farmers care - the only thing DST changes is what time the shops open relative to dawn, and i've never seen queues of farmers outside tesco first thing ?


Hmm, maybe they don't, although I have always heard that it was for their benefit

djm07:10:29 "Farmers hated daylight saving time. So much that they lobbied against it,"


but cows milk themselves these days don't they? (with robots etc.)


and robots all run on UTC (well i hope they do)


that would make sense


Interesting: > Daylight Saving Time was first suggested as a joke by Benjamin Franklin in his whimsical essay “An Economical Project for Diminishing the Cost of Light” published in the Journal de Paris (1784-04-26). Not everyone is happy with the results.

Ben Hammond09:10:37

the clock changing is really handy for about 2 weeks; after that there is so little sunlight that it doesn't make very much difference

Ben Hammond09:10:44

I've moved to a new machine that has 3 USB-C ports and not much else; one of them is taken up by a power cable, so in effect I've lost a port Trying to see if there is a USB-C hub, but a search brings up lots of devices with USB-B sockets and one USB-C plug Why aren't there multi-USB C socket -> USB-C plug adapters? is the spec not so amenable to daisy-chaining? am I looking in the wrong places?


@ben.hammond I’ve not looked for a year; but every time I look I’m left with the feeling USB-C is a disaster, because of the absence of things like that.


Also there’s so many incompatibilities with USB-C stuff, you can’t just plug any USB-C device into another and expect it to work.


I’ve found issues even with various USB-C -> USB 3/2 converters


yeah and you still have the power vs data cable issue too


like rick says, disaster


i have TWO hubs on my usb-c macbook where the previous gen retina just had enough ports


it had hdmi, two usb, firewire, etc


and a separate magsafe


not sure if @mccraigmccraig was in the office the day my work laptop (non magsafe) got pulled off the side and landed on the floor.. .but i remember raging about the fact that it was a completely solved problem (w/ magsafe). that laptop had to have its screen replaced (luckily inside warranty) less than a mth later and im sure it was coz of that

Ben Hammond09:10:14

ah well; sound like the solution is to stick with USB-B as long as possible and stock up on USB-socket -> USB-C plug adapters and hope for the best


i’m experiencing lots of issues with USB-C chargers. My phone will only accept charge from a subset of chargers in the house. The macbook will accept charge from a different (but not disjoint) subset of chargers in the house. and other devices accept all chargers. confused


Morning 🙂


anybody work with GIS data?


i've done lots in the past @dharrigan, not for a few years though... @otfrom is maybe more current than me ?


(although he's quit this channel so :man-shrugging:)


what dyu need to do ?


My question may still be relevant 🙂 I'm looking to import the boundary of the UK (to determine if things are inside/outside of the UK). I've stumbled upon


Before I delve further....


I think it may be okay, it contains a shapefile


import those boundaries into PostGIS, then issue SQL queries is generally my favoured ad-hoc GIS query approach


yes, I am a fan of postgis too 🙂


However, for my purposes, perhaps if I just enclose the UK in a box with min/max lat/lng that may be good enough


it doesn't have to be super precise, just whether it's outside of the box


@rickmoynihan might also have thoughts, assuming PMD/zib still does lotsa geo goodness


iirc back in the day a lot of it was using the geo tools in elasticsearch :thinking_face:


elasticsearch is great for fast-as-f* online stuff... we used to use PostGIS for all our pre-processing and ad-hoc stuff, then load pre-processed GeoJSON objects (often at different resolutions) from pg into ES for the API to serve to web clients


that's the shapefile, converted, imported into postgresql then viewed using qgis 🙂


We have ES at work too, but tbh, I tend to go with PostgreSQL 🙂


(this is for batch, overnight work)