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I've published .130 to Open VSX now.

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Non-Calva related: Anyone has found a quick way to switch to view settings when sharing the screen/demoing and when hacking on alone? So my use case is that when I am hacking by myself I prioritise seeing as much as possible, so I have rather small fonts and such. Then when pair/mob programming I need to change these settings and then back again… I’d like to switch more easily between two modes.


From the description, yes, looks like exactly what I need. However, it also includes extensions in the profiles so it wants to reload between profile switches... Might need to roll my own extension for this then. 😃


sounds like you want to do it 🙂 there were a few things mentioned in this article too, fwiw:


Nice. Toggle looks OK. I kinda liked how the profile switcher just let me save and select profiles, but I think Toggle works for my purposes. We'll see if I end up creating an extension for this. 😃


if anything you'll have some experience with other extensions to base your upcoming awesome extension on 😉


I've also pushed a new clj-kondo extension for vscode that contains a small fix for preventing an indexed out of bounds exception

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