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Morning all, Fantastic line-up of speakers at the London Clojurians, check it out: • (Today) Sathya Vittal - gRPC - • Daniel Zurawski - HATEOAS - • Bozhidar Batsov - Dark CIDER - • Michiel Borkent - babashka - • Martin Clausen - Data DSL - Last chance to sign up for Sathya Vittal's presentation about Clojure gRPC.

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Many thanks for organising all of these. I made a decision recently to try to get back into Clojure after a few years of not using is so it’s been great to see emails from Meetup about these talks over the past few days. I appreciate that it’s hard to organise stuff like this in the middle of a pandemic and I am going to attend as many of these as I can.


many thanks for your support

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Sathya's talk was excellent. Also looking forward to this lineup!

Ben Hammond11:10:58

my morning was spent confusing two different exceptions • ActiveMQDisconnectedException with • ActiveMQNotConnectedException and I just feel annoyed that their codebase is not ergonomic enough is it reasonable to have two such similiarly named exceptions?

Ben Hammond11:10:33

Hmmm maybe its time I got another eyetest

Ben Hammond11:10:25

or cranked up the Intellij font size again


I do like Jetbrains Mono at 13 or 14 font size

Ben Hammond13:10:39

gotta be at least 16 point Bold for me

Ben Hammond13:10:23

I agree about Jetbrains Mono

Ben Hammond13:10:37

it peeled me off from SourceCode Pro


Heh, I just burned quite a lot of time at the weekend trying to work out how to increase the font size in Spacemacs, possibly for the same reason. Nothing I tried would work until I realised that my Mac doesn’t even have the font that Spacemacs specifies by default 😕. I now have 20pt text and can tell the diference between even the most confusingly similar exception classnames.

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