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Clojure + Minecraft = Witchcraft 😄 this is extremely rough and alpha but we're allowed to have some fun right. This uses an open source minecraft server (Glowstone) which makes it a much more straightforward approach than other Clojure/Minecraft attempts I've seen.

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I should note that you do need a minecraft account/license. Not sure how much they are these days.


That's the sponge derivative right? Interesting.


I've been meaning to check out how well fabric and clojure go together.


I am still utterly confused about all the different minecraft projects and how they connect... The main thing I know is that this is a standalone server written from scratch, whereas most projects start from the official server then do all kinds of classpath shenanigans to mod it. It does use a bukkit/paper fork as a foundation, as far as I understand this makes sure it can work with existing plugins.


It's a small project, not a ton of manpower so they're running behind a bit in terms of server version compatibility, which means you don't get the latest new block types and such, but works great if you stick to the right version.


Glowstone is independent of sponge