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Jarda Pernica10:10:24

Hi there! I have started small project to mimic re-frame architecture in js with Preact called pre-frame. It has similar API, yet covers the main functionality (signal graph, interceptors, coeffects), and is ultra small (1.5kB min gzip).

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tools.deps.graph 1.0.56 is now available, just updates to latest tools.deps.alpha and makes available -X style execution with updated docs at

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using latest clj (from homebrew) I get Unqualified function can't be resolved: graph, seems like :default-ns is not available in this version


other minor thing, also got warning to replace :deps with :replace-deps


shoot, it's :ns-default


sorry, we don't do PRs in contrib libs


ah, no worries, closed, thanks for the fix 👍


Just published Chlorine for Atom version 0.10.0. In this new release, I added the ability to query some Clojure metadata/vars using EQL. This does not mean that much for now, but it opens some possibilities with static analysis. So, in this version, doc-for-var and goto-var-definition are now using clj-kondo (if it's present on the PATH) if the editor is not connected to any REPL - so you have some functionality without the need of a connection. Discussions on #chlorine channel 🙂

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