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@jarvinenemil the huge schema creation perf issue: culprit is satisfies?, which can be removed using a special extending protocols to protocols pattern. With quick test it’s 22sec -> 2sec. With some tuning, 0.8sec. Fix is on the backlog.


awesome @ikitommi, good find!


Hi all, what are the options currently to use Malli like you can with clojure.spec and ghostwheel or orchestra? So far I've found teknql/aave, but I wondered if there were others


@mruzekw I think aave is the only one right now. It's definitely been on my backburner though so happy to accept PRs if you feel like hacking on it. Otherwise I wouldn't be surprised if ikitommi ends up releasing his own thing. Happy to update aave to 0.2.0 if that's what is keeping you back from it. (No pressure to use it either!)