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Hello everyone :-) \o


(I just realised that o/ looks a bit “Roman Salute, compared to \o )


I’m sat on a plane that should__ be on Final Approach to Heathrow, but is actually still on stand at Glasgow International. Imagine, if you can, how my mood is...


Morning folks!

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I’m not saying anything but that looks like a photo that usually precedes a stack of documents about a person lost in Bermuda Triangle or some such

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Also o/

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morning \o


morning morning


(try (slurp "/tmp/404") (catch e (println "re-throwing e") (throw e)) (catch Exception e (println "Handling e"))) this is rather disappointing 😞 I was hoping re-thrown things would continue through the chain


Splashed out on a new 2nd hand Lenovo on eBay... £600 for a computer that is £1500 new, there must be something wrong with it apart from a few scratches (or I just got very lucky). Should know by Wednesday


It does have a French keyboard, but it's the same physical layout as UK and I use my Model01 keyboard all the time. Or I could learn French again this year ;)


Sounds like a deal to me @jr0cket


what specs did you get @jr0cket? Was it a Carbon?


Kudos on your fine choice of keyboard switch, Alps (even Alps clones) are very nice


is the model01 alps then?


They are Matias Quiet Clicks AFAIK


@alex.lynham X1 Carbon 6th generation 8gb Ram 512 SSD HD screen (1920x1080) Matt finish


is your preference for X1 Carbon due to price ? Lets say if money was no object what would laptop would you buy?


Its not about price, its about build quality, robustness, it has the best low profile keyboard and I like the asthetics and design. If money was no object I would just buy several Lenovo's 🙂 I'd get the new X1 Carbon with 4 cores (8 threads) along with the X1 Extreme with 6 cores (12 threads) and mainly out of curiosity, I would get the Lenovo P1 with 6 core Xeon processor. Actually, I would like the X1 Extreme in the X1 carbon form factor ideally (so if money was no object, I'd pay Lenovo to make me one 🙂


Oh, and ThinkPads have always run Linux perfectly (or perfectly enough that I havent ever noticed any issues)


That's a plus mark on Lenovo. I thought the Dell XPS 13 might have been a contender if money was not a criteria. Mainly due to the form factor. I have never used a Lenovo before but I am very curious now


Now that Dell started to put the webcam back where it should be, then its a great laptop. Its amazing that they support Linux so well and ship their laptops with Ubuntu (the only bad thing about Lenovo, athough you only pay for windows if you get the pro version). If you are not fussy about your keyboards, then Dell XPS is a good choice, but for me Lenovo wins every time.

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I’ve tried but not owned the XPS but I’m a total convert to the thinkpad


in many ways it’s nicer than the new macbook, the only thing that’s not as good is it’s super expensivo to get the RAM and an equivalent screen


Does a 4k screen on a small laptop make a difference?


I notice the difference between a retina and a 1080p big time


I have the 2600x1440 and I run all my apps full screen, so resolution is just fine. The second hand laptop I just got has a 1920x1080 display. I will be using this for YouTube broadcasts and demos, so it’s the perfect screen resolution. I dont have a 4K TV yet, so I guess I haven’t acquired a taste for that. I have avoided the 4K screens because they are glossy and therefore very reflective. If there were a Matt finish to a 4K laptop screen, I might consider it, especially if it was an OLED display. The 4K screens do seem to be significantly more expensive and use a little more battery (because you have to turn up brightness to diminish the reflections). I have a curved ultra wide monitor at home which is more than enough for my needs. Still waiting for my matrix adaptor, then I won’t need a screen :)


I think that’s basically mine but newer


mine was a 6th gen processor but 3rd gen thinkpad carbon


Should keep me going until the 7th Generation X1 Carbon machines are out (July/August 2019). Although I tend not to buy until the price has dropped, so would be around Jan 2020.


I think if I was going to go for one of the new ones it’d have to be beefy beyond belief to be future proof (ish)


Guys, if you were to have a data import/transformation script, and a website, both in the same repo, both written in Clojure, how would you structure it?


maybe have the scripts in a separate folder called transformations or migrations. Then just make sure they arn’t bundled with the website? imo it depends on how they are used


I don’t know yet, it’s my first project in Clojure, I have an xml file with stuff (wiki dump) out of which I need to extract the useful data and dump into somewhere, that will later be presented through the website


I was going to use either luminus or duct as a guiding format


Why does it need to be in the same project btw?


same repo, ease of sharing


a self-contained example basically


ok then yeah some folder that isnt bundled with it. ESP if ur using wiki data


cos that is large


I mean data itself won’t be in it


just the script that processes the data.


🙇 got ya


or just have the file in the root project dir, i dont think its gonna be a big difference if its just an example


the same way you can run “build” or “test” project, I’d have a separate “build-data” or whatnot. I’m guessing that’ll need lein config somehow?


if you want to just run the script by its self you mean?


(I’ve previously used ant, make, and composer, so this is my mental reference model)


it won’t need to run all the time, just to generate static data once


mmm i wouldnt make it part of the website project personally


also I want to use it as a demo of “this is how you would write a very simple pipeline”


typically for a data transformation if it’s input to the web app I would put it in a ./data directory


like, if it’s used to bootstrap a project or db or something


if the importer is its own ETL service then I’d make it a separate project in a separate repo, even if it’s only 50 lines and a couple of namespaces


I'm a bit late to the party @U82DUDVMH but edge was designed to solve this problem!


it is mono-repo by design, with modules and so on.


As a developer of edge, I can honestly say edge is the best experience I've had with getting started 🙂


If you do check it out, any notes on what you think, what you didn't like, etc. are really valuable.


can you link the repo @U09LZR36F


why am I doing this again?


git rm stuff
git commit -m "JUST GO LOOK AT JUXT REPOS"


@alex.lynham input for the web app (grab some data from wiki, transform/extract some bits, format, web app uses them in a read-only way). I’m not intending to take it all the way to a final release, just to see how long it takes me to go from “a problem” to “a prototype of a solution”.


Let me know if you have any questions about edge btw

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how would you compare it to duct?


(maybe it’s apples and oranges, I’m only starting to explore the options)


(I see they’re both integrant based)


@U82DUDVMH I tend to structure most of my extraction tasks by creating a resources folder and sticking stuff under that. Especially if this project is supposed to be one-off. Then write code under src to do the job :)…


The edge example looks quite weighty? Is there a page that describes what each folder is for?


Yeah, I’m thinking edge represents what I’d like to achieve in a beta version


@U82DUDVMH I'd say that they're similar except that edge is more of an assembly of existing things (e.g. integrant, aero, etc.) and duct seems to have it's own config system, etc.

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@U0JUM502E which edge example do you mean, sorry? There's a lack of documentation on the internals though, and that's an area of active thought for me. Edge could be a bunch of libraries that you don't touch, but instead it's a repo where you can go modify the internals if they're not flexible enough for you. I'm still figuring out the process for when something leaves the edge repo.


@U0JUM502E oh, you're probably referring to main, yeah, I really need to sort that out. Don't look at main, it's deprecated 🙂 tutorial.vent is probably a better place to look.


I meant the repo you linked to:


Ah ok :)… Might be a good idea to pop that in the readme ;)…


Good to see the vent folder has some decent docs :)… Not sure why you decided to use a file as a db?


@U82DUDVMH long-term, Edge is intended to become JUXT's super-power. I want to add edge-specific development tools, and also open source our productionizing code in a slightly more general way from our production releases. e.g. I'm formulating an "" which will do things like integrate logging with cloudwatch automatically.


@U0JUM502E it was for teaching purposes, otherwise I have to spend time teaching people how to run postgres 🙂


Makes sense :)…


@maleghast has your day improved much?


My day is going pretty well, thanks 🙂


did you reach your destination?


Oh indeed, and I have written code that works!

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Special Day!