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Eccentric J04:02:37

This might be a large ask but I’m preparing to launch a project this week and was wondering if someone could review the README and provide some feedback I am willing to review or write docs for a project of your choice in return 🙂

parrot 10
Eccentric J05:02:38

Thanks as well! I look forward to what people make with it.


README lgtm Neat project! Looking forward to build some git-related stuff with it

Eccentric J16:02:39

Thanks for taking a look


@jayzawrotny, looks fantastic. I'd be happy to review. What's your preferred medium for feedback?

Eccentric J17:02:53

Thanks! Google Drive, Notion, a text file, gist, this thread, github issues, a pull request, whatever is easiest for you.


That looks super impressive


So, not sure if this'll ever interest you, but I've been thinking that it'd be really cool to have something like this TUI thing that could also be wrapped in something like xterm.js With the goal of being able to produce a TUI that works exactly the same either in browser or in console.


So, like, you could have a small nano-like text editor built in cljs, and it'll work in browser and in console exactly the same.

Eccentric J18:02:24

That would be awesome! From what I understand you could run the TUIs you build with this in xterm right? Blessed js is supposed to work with all terminals > Will blessed work with all terminals? > - Yes. Blessed has a terminfo/termcap parser and compiler that was written from scratch. It should work with every terminal as long as a terminfo file is provided. If you notice any compatibility issues in your termial, do not hesitate to post an issue.

Eccentric J18:02:46

Would you be up for creating an issue about this so we can look into it further?


Issue submitted

Eccentric J19:02:11

Thanks, I appreciate it. 😔 Another thought is to use nexe in a project to create an executable


True... For making self-contained apps with fast startup


the cross-platform potential is high with this one

Eccentric J19:02:10

Ah ok I think I understand a bit better now: The proposal is that a webapp embeds xterm and it can run a cljs tui app built with this template right?


pretty much


Perhaps we'd need a cljs-xterm.js wrapper... perhaps cljs-tui-template would work with that as is. Hard to say until it's explored.

Eccentric J19:02:20

In theory it should work. Blessed is a curses implementation in node and xterm states: > Xterm.js works with most terminal apps such as bash, vim and tmux, this includes support for curses-based apps and mouse event support Though as you said, hard to know without trying it.


Aye... A fake cli talking to a fake xterm. Nothing could go wrong there 😉

Eccentric J19:02:12

Hah, my thoughts exactly. 😈


@jayzawrotny, looked over your README. Excellent work.

Eccentric J19:02:38

Thank a lot @UGETF0BFT, I’m writing a note to myself that I owe you docs or a docs review in return. Please don’t hesitate to cash in on that.


@jayzawrotny. Sure thing. I would voice specific feedback if I had any, but I think you really did an exemplary job. I have high standards for documentation, too.


Yeah, I'll be releasing a template soon too and I'll likely source your docs for inspiration.

Eccentric J21:02:33

Great! If it helps, I started with a mind map to think through what I should write about and the ordering. I’ve deviated some but most of it is the same


I understand why we prohibit discussions in #announcements but there are just some of the coolest things posted on there and I feel bad that the creator's only get a few emoji's out of it! This cljfx library seems really neat! Is that what people are talking about when they mention a language's GUI story?


So javafx is java's way of doing this? And now we have a really solid looking way to do all that in Clojure? So cool!


Looks like, yes. There is also a Swing, but it looks deprecated and ugly. JavaFX on the other hand supports css styling, which makes it easier to look pretty.


This would be the alternative to the recent trend of doing things through the web with electron and such, right? What do you feel are the pros and cons to the different approaches?


Maybe discussions in a thread are allowed?

Eccentric J18:02:08

Pretty sure you’re right, threads are ok.


Yes, discussions in a thread are OK but for most announcements, it's better to take it to a separate channel where a full-blown discussion on multiple aspects of the new project can be discussed. /cc @U9J50BY4C


Folks who post announcement should always provide a location for discussion: "Follow-up in #<insert channel here>" but not everyone does, unfortunately.


@U04V70XH6 didn't know about it, created channel and updated announcement message


I'm really excited to try cljfx. I did a little bit with fn-fx and just found the interactive development story a bit wanting. Glad that this is a focus of clj-fx. Hopefully I can get some time to play with it soon.


Anyone know what I have to do to get edit permissions on the clojure JIRA (for my own tickets)?


I can open them but not edit them, which makes it hard to follow some of the practices laid out on the cljs community pages


what's your id?


@chancerussell I found you and added edit rights


Thank you very much!


I'm excited to try out cljfx as well. I had a lot of trouble grokking fn-fx, as the documentation is a little sparse and I am a beginner


I created #cljfx to discuss cljfx 🙂


Looks like, yes. There is also a Swing, but it looks deprecated and ugly. JavaFX on the other hand supports css styling, which makes it easier to look pretty.