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Is there any way to have preloads in Cursive REPL? E.g. I would like to always have (require 'dev) (in-ns 'dev) being executed when a particular REPL starts.

Rachel Westmacott16:02:27

IIRC REPLs usually start in the user namespace, but there’s an option to specify which namespace you want loaded


Yeah, I think that maybe I'm using that feature wrong because it says that dev ns does not exist. I'll try to just load dev in user, thanks.

Rachel Westmacott16:02:59

the default namespace file must be on the path


Well, if I'm able to require it, it is on the classpath, isn't it?

Rachel Westmacott16:02:03

are you using lein?


Nope, deps.edn with profiles.

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has anyone figured out how to rename a file.clj to file.cljc with intellij rename ?? intellij does not show file extension when renaming so I have been stumped on this one for a while. Rubymine does show the file extension, so maybe with java based lang they don't bother to show it?


File -> Convert to

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With the current file being either clj or cljs.


man, that was easy .. thanks 🙂


No problem.


daym! 😄


fun question #2 >> lets say i am running shadow-cljs server on the command line, the i go to cursive and start a remote repl on port 9000 and i start that sucker. then i go to the repl, load a file that i want to tests ( blah.cljs ) and that kinda works. but how can I run the tests in that file ( like i can with clojure repl ) if i try and run the test ( cursive command to run all tests in file ) i get >>> No application has connected to the REPL server. Make sure your JS environment has loaded your compiled ClojureScript code. <<<