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Was just reading Found some typos:

{"Seperation" "Separation"
 "(defmulti perform-action" "(defmulti perform-action)"
 "This controle the" "This controls the"
 "stored data that belongs" "store data that belongs"
 "speeded" "sped"
 "which associated with a SimAgent" "which is associated with a SimAgent"}
Some sentences don't end with a period, making it difficult to read, at places. Some specific nouns (like Datomic) don't start with a capital letter, and vice versa.


Nice article nevertheless.


If I specify application/transit+json as :produces, I can view the response in the browser. If I specify application/transit+json;pretty=true to enable :json-verbose Transit formatting, I get error 406. I think the culprit is However, I couldn't find any information that would say that the parameters *must* match. So, is this a correct and expected behavior in this case?