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I knew there was a connection between Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Ian Fleming, but didn't know Roald Dahl was involved in it as well.

Rachel Westmacott08:07:07

that’s my position too


I thought it was common knowledge that Ian Flemming wrote the book but I accept the Roald Dahl thing is a bit more obscure but I remember seeing it in the credits as a kid.


and can't remember seeing the film...

Rachel Westmacott08:07:39

IIRC Ian Fleming’s name was in the credits

Rachel Westmacott08:07:22

Explains where the idea for the seafaring Lotus came from anyway!

Rachel Westmacott08:07:31

Has anyone got any good RSI tips?

Rachel Westmacott08:07:54

I was guessing that might be good for hand strength


for tennis elbow i used a theraband flexbar and a bunch of exercises from youtube with good success... theraband have a site with targetted exercises for a whole bunch of different areas including hands i think

Rachel Westmacott08:07:53

thank you I will check that out.


Bore da Clojure ppl welsh_flag


you're bored of clojure?

😂 12

@alex.lynham ydych chi’n siarad Cymraeg

Rachel Westmacott08:07:54

does anyone know a quick way to add no-op implementations for every method in a protocol to a record?


I've been trolling github to be ready for this moment


and I can't remember the library name, I think it's something about leaves.

Rachel Westmacott09:07:34

I think I might just do it myself (lisp curse) - but it doesn’t look too complicated as I know the function names ahead of time

Rachel Westmacott09:07:57

ergo: (extend AType AProtocol (zipmap [fn-names...] (repeat (constantly nil))))


Shrubbery... Makes me think of Monty Python


And the knights in Ni!

Rachel Westmacott09:07:23

Indeed. There’s a reason why I’m not already using it though - and I can’t remember what it is!


I'll just leave this here

😂 8
Rachel Westmacott09:07:36

oh, and [fn-names...] can be replaced by (-> AProtocol :sigs keys) for the fully dynamic version - though I worry that I might be leaning on an implementation detail there!