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Dustin Getz16:07:47

Hey beta testers, I have not released the next wave yet because the tutorial is not testing well enough. I have video conferenced with a couple of you and learned a lot watching you work through it. I need to do another pass to make it simpler and better. I recommend you wait for the next iteration. If you really really want to get your hands on Hyperfiddle now, tell me and I can release you anyway, the product is perfectly functional, it is just the tutorial which is testing badly. I am also happy to video conf with anybody who wants to do it together, in fact that is hugely beneficial to me if you would like to get more involved or otherwise get to know each other better. @chromalchemy @drewverlee @tacosundae @alexandrkozyrev @etemtezcan @mtbkapp @miridius @gcast BTW if anyone isn't tagged in this who wanted early access, @ me


@dustingetz very excited to start playing with it. Thank you!