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@pez - I am trying to use VSCode 1.20, with Calva 1.3.30 and Calva-fmt 0.0.4. But unable to get it working as calva-fmt always shows reload.


I'll have a look later today. Sorry for the inconvenience!!


I think this has to do with a dependency conflict I have created. Calva requires VSCode ^1.17.0 and Calva-fmt requires ^1.23.0. I'm on the road with little access to my computer so will have some troubles fixing this right now…


Well, I made some time. Now both depend on vscode ^1.20.0, please give it a try and see if that was the problem.


@pez : Thank you very much 🙏. I have quickly re-installed the Calva-Fmt extension 0.0.5 and I do not face the same reload issue. I will test the same more thoroughly today.

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