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Recent global-exports change in 312+ broke cases where the value contains dots, when trying to point to property inside main object: E.g.

:global-exports '{react-transition-group ReactTransitionGroup
                                react-transition-group/Transition ReactTransitionGroup.Transition
                                react-transition-group/TransitionGroup ReactTransitionGroup.TransitionGroup
                                react-transition-group/CSSTransitionGroup ReactTransitionGroup.CSSTransitionGroup})


Ideas if we should support this and how? Split value on dots and emit bracket access for each part?


I find this useful (and necessary) for providing global-exports which mimic the node module names


@juhoteperi I’m ok with that


patch welcome


I've taken a quick look at MaterialUI node module support and I think we have at least two bugs on our side affecting this, 1. we need support for ignoring modules using package.json main-entry (browser entry) fields (related: CLJS-2816), I have a good idea how to implement this, 2. something is breaking requires between some cjs/es6 modules, it could be due to our provide/require calls


I try take a better look at this this week so I can write proper issues and maybe work on fixes