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good idea @korny going to get some 🍵


That 🍵 looks more like soup...


@jr0cket ooooh save me at least two!

Rachel Westmacott09:11:41

I imagine it is matcha tea.

Rachel Westmacott09:11:08

which is roughly that colour


I'm currently thinking I should have bought a 15" laptop.....I'm running out of sticker real estate!

Rachel Westmacott09:11:54

time to start layering them up


Hehe, I got my new laptop yesterday and I'm wondering whether to sticker it up. My old 11" Air is stickered to high heaven, but the new Pro is so pretty... And green clashes with grey..


I haven't stickered mine (yet) hopefully I can get some nice ones next week at ClojureX


Ask @jr0cket to bring his new ldnclj ones! The new logo is cool


sounds good


Yeah, I'm really looking forward to ClojureX. I'm badly neglecting lisps at the moment.


@paulspencerwilliams We ran through one of the lambda island tutorials at last weekends HackTheTower event. I thought it was very good


We chose a Clojurescript & react tutorial and it all worked and was nicely explained


You can get 7 days free trial. I also have a code for a months free access for any LdnClj member


@agile_geek I have a few stickers left :) They are printed on sheets (rather than individually die cut) so you will need to catch up with me at an event


there is broken link into Union Types with Clojure.Spec on Clojure Island blog page (at the bottom)


@jr0cket bring some to ClojureBridge but you may need some more for ClojureX!


I will have stickers at the talk night this Thursday at Skillsmatter, Friday & Saturday at ClojureBridge, Tuesday 29th at Thoughtworks dojo and ClojureX (and HackTheTower on the 10th December)


I'm planning to be at talk on Thursday so may so you then


@paulspencerwilliams Thanks for that link, I have found clojurescript to be confusing, the free video I have just looked at was very clear.


@petem yeah, I heard about it on the defn podcast yesterday. I like small video tutorials. I was a subscriber to Ruby Tapas for ages which is even smaller in episode size.


does anyone know if there is a tool that reads in Clojure files/namespace and display them graphically. and where I can see the functions in the files/namespaces and see how they relate?


I think that would be helpful trying to understand an existing code base...


but then generated from the code...


If you are using Emacs please note the latest Cider packages on melpa may only work with Emacs 25.1.x as cider-compat has been dropped. A new Cider install may have problems running clojure mode, especially if you get an error that if-let cannot be found. Upgrading to Emacs 25.1.2 seems to be problem free for me so far. See #cider channel for more background.