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FYI I started working on a CLJS port of some of the Buddy components, entitled “Pal”: At the moment it’s not entirely useful (though much of the hashers functionality is there) but the hope is that it might one day be robust enough to provide syntactic familiarity between Clojure Buddy projects and Node Pal projects.


it is nodejs target or any js environment?


I have started in the past something with nodejs target


but I did't had enough time for it


After read a little bit the code, now I have the answer: yes seems like it target to nodejs


in this case I think that some code from funcool/dost can serve you


@leppert Will be welcome if I port some changes from dost to pal? I think that nodejs native hashes and hmac supports is better than the google closure library, just because they are native implementation. Also I have support for nodejs streams in dost that is useful for hash big files without blocking too much.


On the other hand, js and jvm environments are pretty different, so I don't recommend try to have the exact api with buddy


many things can be similar or equal but many other can't be and I don't recommend force to have a similar api.


@niwinz any help would be greatly appreciated. In terms of targeting node vs all js environments, I'd love for it to be generally portable so I'll put that in as a future goal, but node is my current use case and, as you said, node offers some specific speed and convenience that we couldn't get with browser restrictions.


With regards to keeping the APIs the same, I think you summed it up well. I'm going to shoot for them to be as close as possible but won't sacrifice sanity or usability at the expense of perfection.


I have an other question...


any chance to not use EPL as license?


I'm open to other licenses. What are you thinking?


apache2 if you are ok with permisiviness or MPL2.0 that is similar to EPL but better compatibility with gpl


In any case, this is not big issue, I'm just not a big fan of EPL


I'll try open a PR porting many stuff from dost to pal-core


@niwinz: I'm okay with it being as permissive as possible. Apache2 works for me; I'll add a commit with new licenses later this morning.


Not a problem!