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What happened with "a new update in a week"? How is chimera coming along?


We have an update in the works for Wednesday. I had to pick of some work to keep the lights and got behind. Chimera will be discussed in the update.


So tomorrow then, nice


What are the plans for arachne with the front end? For example: will I be able to make a module that defines routes for both the http module and a cljs app, so that each route is a pre-rendered entry point to the cljs app?


I haven’t put too much effort into the client side yet because (a) I think the server side is a great pain point at the moment and (b) the client side is moving so fast it’s hard to know what to target that won’t go out of style in 2 months. But Arachne is absolutely designed for that sort of thing, if someone writes an appropriate front-end module.


(which might very well be me at some point)


That's good to hear