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@foo I had planned to attend but life got in the way. The recording will be posted at some point, yes?

Jacob O'Bryant18:11:58

hey--sadly Dan wasn't able to make it last minute, so I stepped in and gave a presentation I've been preparing for re:clojure in a couple weeks (about Biff). I was thinking of waiting till after the conference to upload the meetup from last night. We're gonna reschedule Dan for a few months out; still working on the exact date.


Sorry he couldn't make it, but at least that means I'll get another chance to see his talk live 🙂 I will ask that you don't post my December talk until after I've given the same talk to London Clojurians in mid-January, if y'all don't mind. For the same reason you're thinking of holding off posting your re:Clojure talk "preview".

Jacob O'Bryant20:11:28

Sounds good :thumbsup: (cc @UFVRVT0L8 @U0D6ZHHGS)