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@lepistane what do you mean by “overlay”? Do you mean to position a View absolutely (in the CSS sense) above all other views?


@raspasov no not really i am asking how can i do something like this is screenshot from screen recording app as u can see home screen in the background and then u have buttons on the right. I am just looking for a way to create that 'overlay' as i call it to have button over whatever app is in the background


Ah, I see. Is this an Android-specific thing? (I am not very familiar with Android)


no not really as far as i know screen recorders for apple devices work in a similar fashion


AFAIK, this feature called draw over other apps. a simple search draw over other apps react native shows that it is not included with react-native but its still doable for android. i'm not so sure for ios though


@tugh ohh! this is amazing stuff thank you very much this opened my search options a lot

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