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Here's the recording of my "Dark CIDER" talk from yesterday I hope you'll learn something new about CIDER from it! Enjoy! 馃檪

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absolutely! great presentation @bozhidar


@bozhidar Auto-trimming was useful to know about, thank you. One thing I am not clear on. If I only evaluate in the source code buffer, does that mean the REPL buffer stays empty, i.e. no evaluation results, assuming I don't use side-effect things that print to standard out. So, if I don't evaluate in the buffer, I should not experience any slow-down due to long lines or many lines in the REPL buffer.


trivial to check? inline evaluation does nothing to the repl


Unless it produces output, like in the case of the issue I experienced during my live demo. 馃檪


yeah the trace over fibs 馃檪 i've never used trace before and it looked amazing

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Holy... What is that theme? 鉂わ笍


It鈥檚 built in and called brin

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WelI have been evaluating in source code editor for the last several years without thinking about needing to clear anything, but after watching the talk by bug yesterday I just wanted to be sure I hadn't misunderstood something. I didn't want to tell people to avoid the issue of slowing down Emacs by just using the source code buffers without checking assumption.


I almost never have the REPL buffer open


i always have it open and have my results there. if there are lots of lines, especially long lines it can slow down is all