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Are there issues with debugging quasiquoted forms? I have the following example function:

(ns foo.core)

(defn foo []
  (let [a "foo"
        b "bar"]
    `{:a ~a
      :b ~b}))
When I run it normally, it returns the expected map, but when I instrument the function for debugging and step into it, it evaluates the form :a properly, but then when I either try a step-over or step-out after that, the debugger seems to hang. Any ideas?


When I tried to step over after :a I got this error message. But yours just hangs? No error?


I get that error when I step into as well


Please file an issue with this case and your experience. I may have missed some cases when writing the breakpoint finding logic (referenced cider's logic for this, but I don't think I matched everything from cider exactly).


Sorry it took me so long to respond. I did not notice an error when I stepped into it. My debugger simply hangs. I will file an issue.

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