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Morning. I just advertised for someone to adopt a Sketch plugin that I created on a whim quite a while ago, and that has become quite popular. Problem is, it relies on internal API:s and breaks now and then, and I am no longer a Sketch user. Sketch has a developer community quite different from Clojure (in a not so good way), but I still have hopes someone will care enough about this pool of users.


Got my first Pfizer, waiting in the hall. They had to keep me at the emergency spot for a while because I almost fainted...

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Not a fan of needles?


not really 😨


Same here. I used to either faint or throw up. But for quite bad reasons I had to take a lot of shots a while and for quite good reasons I had to administer shots for my wife a while. Effective CBT. Still far from a fan, but at least not terrified any longer.


Yeah, I got used to them when I got allergy shots, but it's been too long


Back in the ’90s, I got into body piercings — but I also never liked needles and often passed out (or came close) whenever I got a new piercing. Even after 17 piercings, I would still react badly. And still, to this day, whenever I have to get a shot or have blood drawn, it’s a close call whether I’ll pass out or not. ’grats on your 1st shot @U04V15CAJ!


Good morning. I noticed @simongray and @ordnungswidrig talking about art some (days? weeks?) back, Bauhaus, Kandinsky and Moholy-Nagy. I may have mentioned him before, but I’d like to once again bring up the brilliant Tyler X Hobbs. You should really check out his stuff, even if it’s not directly related to the above-mentioned.

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Oh that looks very interesting!

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I love it! It does kinda look like Kandinsky genart, but maybe a bit more organic. Thanks for the recommendation, Søren.

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He's very inspiring. I've read most of his essays, and dabbled a bit with genart based on his aesthetics and technical descriptions. Would love to do more, but there's little time.


A simple thing I made

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Tyler puts more effort into having details in the big, medium and small scale of each of his works than typical generative artists (that I know of)


Others tend to be more purely centered on an algorithm.


Also more effort in color choice. Many others just do white on black, or other monochromatic stuff


My piece above is only inspired by Tyler's techniques, and obviously inspired by the monochromatic dudes


I'd buy that as a wallpaper design.


Cool! Maybe that’s a business I should get into 😄


Very nice, Søren. Do you use Quill for that?


Yes, @simongray, and I ripped off a lot of code directly from Tyler’s essays, so it’s really easy to get started if you feel like it 🙂


I’ve always thought that manual artwork - like painting and such - was just too much work, and too messy. Fast, clean iterations via keystrokes is much more my taste.


@ordnungswidrig yeah, twice that I’ve seen 😄 I follow her on Instagram now, she’s very good.


Stuff like Indigo Dream and Loxodography are among my faves