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Chae Cramb10:05:12

Trying Spacemacs/Emacs for the first time. Is it normal to get lots of warnings on first install? It’s a fresh install of Ubuntu 21.04 Spacemacs and Emacs. I’m getting this in the top pane: `Warning (evil-collection)L 'evil-want-keybinding' was set to nil but not before loading evil. Make sure to set 'evil-want-keybinding' to nil before loading evil or evil-collection.` And lots of warnings in the Compile-Log.


How did you install Spacemacs? It's highly recommended to go for the development branch. John Stevenson @U05254DQM has put together very good explanations around using Spacemacs for Clojure, including installation/update guide and introduction.


@U020X5D9KEK warnings can be common when installing a lot of Emacs packages. There are several hundred packages installed when Spacemacs is first run, so its expected to have a few warnings. If the same warnings happen after restarting Spacemacs ( SPC q r ) then it may be worth looking at the warning messages.


I typically restart Spacemacs after installing packages anyway

Chae Cramb15:05:46

Ok, great. It’s actually @U05254DQM’s guide that I’m using. Thank you!


I'll add a hint to the book to expect some Emacs package warnings on first install. That seems a useful addition. Thanks.