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Is there a bb.edn file which lets me say "bb make-natives foo.clj" where foo.clj has "(defn main [] (println 88))" and generates native binaries for all the platforms?


This tutorial comes pretty close: GraalVM doesn't allow cross compilation though


Perhaps native binary is not what I need. I have something like 10 command line programs that I would like to deliver to my colleges who are on linux/osx/windows. For OSX and Linux, I can just deliver #!/usr/bin/env bb - assuming my windows devs are not using wsl, is there something similar for windows? or would they need to invoke

c:\> bb c:\scripts\ arg1
$ stats arg1  # on Linux or OSX


The babashka book has a recipe for a .bat shebang. I can find the link for you when I’m back at a computer


You will need to create separate .bat scripts for those, but you can of course script that


An alternative, if the scripts are part of a project, is to use the new task runner


cool, I did know could do that - great.


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