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Ivan Fedorov10:05:23

For those interested in dead simple databases – I’ve made a for by @huxley Easiest diffing and syncing I’ve ever seen.

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this looks exciting. also the first sentence reminds me of : D


when people say datascript is slow, I would like to see the instances it is slow, because when I used it, it was possible to optimize it quite well, and would be interesting where the different experience comes from, is it a different part of the API, is it the scale?


I measured it about 2 years ago - compared a simple datascript setup with a simple custom solution similar to doxa. datascript ended up being ~10 times slower, which was definitely noticeable on large tables that I usually deal with.

Ivan Fedorov10:05:04

Hehehe, but pluralism is our strength! Is it easy to diff and patch in Datascript? Doxa is about balance, as I got it.


I take 15 standards over a single standard any time 🙂 Better to have something to choose from 😄


@U0VQ4N5EE Doxa was not intended to be faster than datascript, because that's not its main problem for me. The fact that it is faster is a coincidence. And how slow datascript is, let's see datalevin, which despite the fact that it stores data on disk is several times faster than datascript which keeps data in memory.

Ivan Fedorov10:05:32

@U2FRKM4TW doxa uses timbre, editscript and meander, so it may punch well above its perceived weight. We’re about to find out


@U2FRKM4TW while I trust you fully, note that this is still the same, we talk about datascript being slow without me seeing the instance when it's slow : )


ok, can I see the code that generated the chart please? and yes, the talk about performance here is 100% independent of doxa and doxa's promises, I do realize and I do intend to try doxa out when I will have a bit more time


doxa is a hobby project, don't expect too much


: ) in terms of precision or accuracy?


you can meet dragons


I am not a senior developer with 20 years of experience who knows exactly what he is doing.


only people who did the same thing for 20 years continuously know what they are doing 😄 people who do new things, experience only teaches how little we know.


although I didn't quite hit the 20 years mark, maybe it will change in a couple years : D

Ivan Fedorov11:05:50

How fast do you need to be though? For Lightpad occasional ~250ms queries over 10k-100k elements would be completely fine. But I’ve spent weeks writing and testing my own diff accumulation / patching solution.