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Regarding the meetup, I really would like to try to have a meetup every month. From my experience in Berlin this consistency is important in buidling up a group and audience. Doesn't always have to be in Leuven, although it'll probably be in Leuven until someone from another city offers to help organize.

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I'll likely be out of the country March/April though, so I'm hoping by that time someone else wants to run it for a month or two... we'll see. In the meanwhile I'm basically the backup speaker, so people will be listening to me talk about something every month unless two other people volunteer to speak 🙂


but the expectation I hope to set is to basically prepare a file that you can walk people through in your REPL/editor, and maybe demo something you've built. It should be possible to prep for this in an hour or so, I don't expect people to work on slides for days.