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Hi, I'm playing arounf with rn and cljs. Unfortunately i cant get the rn navigator working- I already opened a stackoverflow question (, no success yet. Maybe some can help and point me in the right direction?

Eric Ihli12:01:07

I was thinking the same thing as thheller, that it has something to do with sending the navigator an element rather than a component. If you've verified that though, have you tried running it with debug enabled and with pause on caught exceptions in devtools to try to get a more useful stack trace or error message?


> Error: The component for route 'Home' must be a React component.


you are passing a react-element not a component


might work if you change (def H ... to (defn H [] ...?


my bad. but still not working after wrapping it with rum's defc macro like (defc H [] ...) The error message stays the same. Using a simple (defn ... like you suggested doesn't work either