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Hi there! I created project template for clj-new, based on Badigeon. It can compile java sources, make uberjar, (optionally omit sources), create standalone bundle (JDK9+ required). Thanks to Sean Corfield and Ewen Grosjean (EwenG).


What is a standalone bundle vs an uberjar?


uberjar needs JDK, standalone is really standalone: just unzip and run


so the standalone bundles a JDK inside?


Parcera v0.10.2 released with some edge case fixes. Thanks again to @dominicm for the valuable feedback

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I will give this another run on my home directory corpus :)

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No failures!!! party-corgi


core.async 0.7.559 is now available

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A new release of core.async is now available, which includes a number of long-pending bug fixes. • ASYNC-198 (CLJ) Fix exception rewriting in go can replace return value (thanks Kevin Downey!) • ASYNC-220 (CLJ) Fix exception in go finally swallows exception of outer try (thanks Kevin Downey!) • ASYNC-229 (CLJ) Fix go finally block executed twice (thanks Kevin Downey!) • ASYNC-212 (CLJ) Fix go fails to compile expressions with literal nil as let value (thanks Nicola Mometto!) • ASYNC-145 (CLJ, CLJS) Fix mix throws error when many channels added (thanks Angus Fletcher!) • ASYNC-170 (CLJ) Fix binding in go block throws assertion error (thanks Kevin Downey!) • ASYNC-127 (CLJ, CLJS) Fix mult to work as doc'ed with all taps accepting before next (thanks Leon Grapenthin!) • ASYNC-210 (CLJ) Fix puts allowed when buffer still full from expanding transducer (thanks Brian Rubinton!)

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Got a bad case of the Friday afternoons? Surely you have 8 minutes to take the State of Clojure 2020 survey!

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Nate Sutton20:01:42

idea for next year: maybe ask about other scripting dialects like joker, babashka, etc?


not sure those are widespread enough yet to warrant a question, but happy to put in the file for next year. btw, head to #clojure-survey for discussion


or maybe a question about GraalVM 🙂

Nate Sutton20:01:20

well, we could find out if they're widespread enough via the survey troll


There are several questions that include Graal

Vincent Cantin03:01:49

I wished there was a radio box to tick “Do you work in JS and are dying to change your job to a Clojure one?”