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@johanatan I had been using the following code in dotspacemacs/user-config to treat hyphenated words as a single word when in Clojure mode, although its been a while since I used it

;; In clojure-mode, treat hyphenated words as a single word.
  (add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook #'(lambda () (modify-syntax-entry ?- "w")))


wow, just this change alone without my original changes also suffers the end-of-line hangup problem


@jr0cket do you know if it would work for the entire list of chars considered in my snippet?


i.e., i mean if it were modified to do so


@jr0cket would you mind sharing your entire .spacemacs file that i could compare against mine? (or I can do vice versa if that's better for you)

Samuel09:01:02 I would suggest using ediff to get some context

M-x ansi-term RET
curl  > ~/.practicalli.el
SPC E f f
<file `A' path> ~/.spacemacs
<file `B' path> ~/.practicalli.el


Thanks for sharing. I have just pushed a few updates, but non should affect your issue.


@johanatan I removed the comment from my clojure-mode-hook code and restarted emacs. I am not experiencing any issues. It does not jump over -> in defn names, but then I wouldnt expect it to.


This is so weird. A coworker installed a fresh spacemacs and added your code change to it and he experiences the same problem I have (independently of any of my other configuration).


Perhaps it’s a difference between using .spacemacs and .spacemacs.d/init ?


@johanatan are you restarting Emacs after making changes to your .spacemacs file? If not, then some code could still be in memory.


Yes, I always restart when making these types of changes.


@johanatan I removed the comment from my clojure-mode-hook code and restarted emacs. Using w on defn names that include -> are getting stuck. Not sure if this was the case before.


I updated the code to include more symbols and using w works correctly almost all of the time, but on occasion it will stick at the end of a line. How strange. I dont know how to start debugging this...

(add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook #'(lambda ()
                                   (dolist (c (string-to-list "-_>?"))
                                     (modify-syntax-entry c "w"))))


I think you could use SPC h d b and search for the command mapped to w, using ^w.

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Yes the sticking at the end of the line for lines that contain hyphens is the problem.


It looks like my CIDER is a version behind, despite being on the latest develop branch of spacemacs. How can I upgrade it?


You should check possible sources for your CIDER version, like project.clj, profiles and global user profile for lein.


If you are on Spacemacs develop branch then check you are not using spacelpa repository. In your .spacemacs file, check this setting is nil

dotspacemacs-use-spacelpa nil


If that is already set, then try moving or deleting the cider-* packages from $HOME/.emacs.d/elpa/<emacs-version>/develop/ directory and restart Emacs it should download the latest cider package.


Also check your .spacemacs file to see if you pinned a package version of cider. Take a look in spacemacs-additional-packages For an example of pinning, see


excellent, thanks!

Miloš Mošić20:01:50

Have you tried updating the packages manually? SPC f e U will update all of the packages, after a restart it should just work.