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This question might not belong here. Feel free to moderate... I have a repo with some Clojure, and I'm looking to take just 3 functions and compile them to native-images and deploy them as Lambdas. And in doing so, is it possible to put only the deps of that fn in the native-image?


In other words, can I compile a fn and only it's dependencies from a repo?


The idea is, I want to maintain what is logically one service, in one repo, but it'll have a bunch of serverless bits in it.


@jaihindhreddy I support something similar with babashka + carve. With babashka you can build an uberscript, which means it will generate a file with all required namespaces inside of it. And then with carve you can delete all unused bits. But GraalVM itself already will eliminate all unused bits similar to Google Closure for CLJS, so just using those 3 functions from your -main will probably be enough.


Wow. Didn't know Graal did that. I'll read more about that? Will check out babashka. Thanks a lot!