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@jellea: How was the overall experience with developing over not just one abstraction layer (Swift-JS) but two (Swift-JS-CLJS)? I’ve been doing some basic RN-development with JS but I’m aching to use CLJS instead… And were you able to persist your datascript db or did you just reload it every time the app was cold started? Have you or are you planning on open sourcing any other goodies apart from the utility styles?


vikeri: Overall experience with layers is ok. Would say objc->js split is handled well by RN and js is great with compiler and source maps. Once you know where to search and expect things its pretty good. We're actually transiting away from datascript due to poor performance on mobile. We're not using persistent state atm, although we've had it working with transit in the past. We're (mostly @pesterhazy) contributing back into boot-react-native and I recently made the boot-react-native-template to get started easily.


Ok great! Yeah I guess storage will be an interesting story with all the alternatives out there… Yeah I saw that and just opened an issue on the template 😉 Awesome to see that someone has put something into production!


@jellea: What are you going to use instead of datascript?


artemyarulin: Not decided yet. I'm a proponent of a simplified elm/redux like strategy for better reproducibility. Currently experimenting with a mini FRP layer myself. Still need to figure some things out though. Counter example: TodoMVC:


@jellea: Yeah, basically single atom would serve the purpose, and then just a few lines to persist this thing on a disk. I’m using om-next on mobile and experimenting with putting everything into atom state, looks great so far


artemyarulin: yeah, still thinking of porting alandipert's storage-atom to RN, but RN's localstorage being async only was blocking it from being a quick port. Will do when I have some time. I find om-next too hard myself.


Too big for our purpose


oh yeah, I’ve been struggling for almost a week how to do remote fetch with om-next when part of the data already available, not an easy candy for sure simple_smile


artemyarulin: yeah storage-atom works great out of the box with reagent, never managed to get it to work with om classic though